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Friday, February 1, 2013

Journey Into the Face of a Cosmic God: Sven Grünberg- Hingus (1981)

Of all the treasures to be found at The Growing Bin, Hingus is one of my absolute favorites.  But, as sometimes happens, the Bin's own link is with us no longer.  So, in the interest of keeping it alive and circulating, I post it here today.

Hingus is the first solo album from Sven Grünberg, the Estonian synth-warlock (and chairman of the Estonian Institute of Buddhism) previously of the band Mess.  Hingus (which, in Estonian, means "breath") is lovely little marvel, an exquisite gem of ambient synthesizer music.  Perhaps despite what its appearance and pedigree might suggest, it's not particularly proggy, nor does it have the pulsing sequencers of classic Berlin School-- what it most reminds me of, in fact, is not Jean-Michel Jarre or Tangerine Dream, or even Vangelis, whose work (especially on China) does come awful darn close, but Alice Coltrane's devotional efforts on staggering works such as Divine Songs.  It has that spiritual breadth (and eastern modality, here manifest in melodies and tones reminiscent at times of Chinese opera and Japanese classical music) coupled with a strong, overwhelming sense of the sublime-- both the beauty and yawning terror of a hugeness, the unfathomable size of the universe and the invisible forces of the void somehow conveyed in whooshing, swooning, soaring synth washes and cosmic gong crashes.

This is a classic, a giant.  God damn it, I love this Hingus!  Check out the Growing Bin's post for technical specs (and give a thank you to Zeroy).  Then float like a ghost planet through a shimmering universe with


Thanks to everyone for being so cool and checking out Crashing Waves.  You're all real pals.


apf said...

Thank you!

Peter said...

this is gorgeous. thanks for the introduction!

nick said...

Hungus? "Meine dispatcher says there is something wrong with eine cable." Sorry. Seriously, though, thank you for this.

Torbill Duallman said...

Great album! Thank you!

burntoutsavannahs said...

i put one of this cat's jamz on my summer forever mix last year. glad yr sharing the love of this here guy.

danny segal said...

Hmmm...reminds me of the good parts in 80s grateful dead concerts. Which s not bad...:)

valkyrialiro said...