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Friday, January 11, 2013

YOU MUST: Eddie Callahan- False Ego (1975)

Is there a more enduring, satisfying example of this kind of private-press secret-genius LP?  I submit that there may not be-- in terms of weirdo cult-rock, it's on a level of greatness with Ya Ho Wha's Penetration, and in terms of what we might call loner or outsider pop, it's practically unbeatable.  Which is not to unduly claim it as "peerless," as it certainly nestles in with the likes of Michael Farneti, Donnie and Joe Emerson, The Kaplan Brothers, Bobb Trimble (if he weren't so sort of insufferable), etc.  It's just that this one is the best, the most timeless, the most accomplished and beautiful. 

Oh, I'm sure most of you are already hip to False Ego's incredible pleasures.  It is a secret rather long since uncovered. But standing as we are in the icy foyer of this monstrous new year, trepidatious before the prospect of 365 new black and evil days and the untold countless horrors they promise to visit upon our naked and trembling animal bodies, I can scarcely think of a better comfort or superior rallying cry than the warm west coast wind that carries the synthesizer sound, sunny guitar, and boyish voice of Hare Krishna and affable mystic Eddie Callahan.  Which is to say, if any of you out there haven't heard this, then I endeavor to change that fact-- and let's all enter 2013 with a sharp eye and happy ear on the False Ego.

I was going to keep extolling its virtues, but really what more can I say than: This album is basically perfect.





SpaceD-Boogie said...

Wow, thanks for turning me on to this, I love it! Gonna keep coming back to this one.

Siphonophoros said...

Deep gratitude to you Mr Strap, and may this new year bring unto you all the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

Geoff Callahan, PI said...

Absolutely brilliant lo-fi pop! If I reminds me, me.

If you dig Eddie, check out my stuff at SoundCloud:

or Bandcamp:

both feature my lowest-fi K-sette efforts and more recent pro-ish efforts.

Riz said...

Woo Flash… this is great… thanks for turning me onto this one.

somedude said...

Hoo boy I can almost taste the acid that fried out this poor soul on this one. Thanks Flash!

Erik said...

Hooo shit this is bliss! Thanks Flash!

R o h a n said...

Thanks Flash, very enjoyable. I like it when the synths kick in.

Anonymous said...

very good good!!
thanks from brasil

beetor said...

This is crazy amazing! Thanks!

Stew McLean said...

I'm selling my original press on ebay if anyone is interested!
check it out!
VG+ condition :)