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Sunday, September 23, 2012

"An Allegorical Meaning Beyond Ordinary Usage From the Nature of a Flower": John Renbourn- The Lady and the Unicorn (1970)

I would love to say more about this sublime offering from John Renbourn but I have a headache like Phineas Gage on this fine day so I will be brief.  I have listened to this LP so many times and it never fails.  So beautiful, simple, and enduring. Especially exquisite is "Lamento di Tristan/La Rotta" which features, to wonderful effect, both sitar and glockenspiel.

"This record contains a variety of instrumental pieces including medieval music, folk tunes, and early classical music.... I have not presumed to reproduce early music as it would originally have been played, but hope nevertheless that the qualities of the music can be enjoyed, though interpreted as they are on more recent instruments."
-John Renbourn


PS: I'd like to sincerely express an enmity for everyone involved with the new Blogger interface.  Plainly and simply, I wish each one of you intense discomfort and dissatisfaction with your lives and life's work.  Go to hell, may your children resent you, and your funeral go wholly unattended. 


MrDave said...

gonna pass on this one but I wanted to thank you for the lovely kiss off to the blogger product design team. Quite eloquent. :)


burntoutsavannahs said...

dude i'm amped to check this out. & i'm always psyched anytime you post.

ps i didn't like the design at first, but it's not so bad. not quite as easy to navigate as old interface, & i don't really like how difficult it is to link photos to my cloud, but eh. enough bitching, now to listen to this album.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the dope stuff dear thanks xo

Anonymous said...

lex : Amazing man thanks ...did not know that album , quiet amazed to see that Jay dee sampled "Lamento di Tristan / La Rotta" for Ruff Draft ! (Make them NV)

Flabbergast said...

one of my favorites too, and from a guy who can really do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. I could disappear happily with a copy of this and Jansch's Avocet tucked under my arm and stay hidden for years. BTW I picked up my vinyl copy of this one dirt cheap from a hipster record store in a college town where some of the employees wouldn't know good music if it bit them and gave them rabies.

And ditto on the new blogger interface, its a big pile of suck.

Flash Strap said...

Yeah I picked up a vinyl of this one years ago-- for free, which was nice-- and that's how I ended up falling in love with it. I'm not even sure I would have found it if it hadn't bit me on the ass the way it did, but it's been a mainstay ever since.

BONJOUR said...

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your work in this blog and all the awsome music you posted. I'm blown by the whole Oneyeabor collection, SF and I look forward to discover the rest.
Also the blog looks great.
Thanks again.

bobdobbs said...

Dear Flash, as always thanks for the great stuff! By any chance do you have any hidden soukous treasures in your vast drives, i've been craving some heavy hypnotic major key dancefloor riffing lately... Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

WordPress, dude.