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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Re-ups: David Bowie and more.

I have now re-upped what few Bowie selections I have to offer. Check them out, and please allow me to insist that you also check out Pushing Ahead of the Dame-- the great song-by-song Bowie blog and, truly, one of the best blogs in all of existence.

I also re-upped all the Velvet Underground.

And all the dub. Have at it!


Anonymous said...

Just nabbed the VU Guitar Amp... never heard it before, so thanks very much!... still working on my thesis of why White Light/White Heat is the greatest ever rock album ever... because it is!

Feq'wah said...

Must be quite a task, all those re-ups.
But then again i'm discovering you've got some interesting Bowie material, which i wasn't aware of.

So, yes, worth the effort i'd say.
Thanks, Flash!

PabloPiccox said...

Sorry to ask.. but the last photo is the "studio" where the Velvet Underground recorded some of their records? Does anyone knows? ....

Flash Strap said...

It's Lee Scratch Perry's studio, I'm pretty sure. Not sure which year.

Spaceways1914 said...

Yeah! my Velvet's favorites and great dub's albums.Macka is rule and great pic of Perry's studio,black ark period was best of him