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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Re-ups reach their conclusion, more or less.

Re-ups are more or less completed, for now. Finished off the "Jazz" section with these:

Hans Dulfer- Morning After the Third

Don Cherry- Actions

Mills Brothers- London Sessions

Ornette Coleman- The Empty Foxhole

•And the greater "Electronic" category should be completed now as well:

Peru- Continents, Constellations

Rolf Trostel- Two Faces, Der Prophet

Proxyon- Proxyon

Charlie- Spacer Woman

•I also fixed that buggy Bowie link for Strange Fascination.

•And here's a couple more goodies:

Just Julia

One Dog Each

COMING SOON: more stuff, that is new and cool, and not just re-ups for chrissakes.


configuratao said...

thanks again, globally...
just now its PERU, -1st of
constellations thought with
c'est extra of léo ferré! &
yé i love yours eclectics
comps, and yes for
COMMING SOON, cheers...

Wey Nagrom said...

What movie is the VLC snap from?! Looks trippy as heck.

Flash Strap said...