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Monday, July 23, 2012

Flash Strap Presents: Black Art + Machine Gun Funk Vol. 3

I can't wait for you guys to hear this one. A little more in the way of experimental funk-jazz and politically engaged commentary than the first two in the series, but still deep in that murky, swirling, groove-pocket.

Listen righteously and please come back tomorrow and let me know if you liked it.

1. Synopsis One: In The Ghetto / God Save The World- The 24 Carat Black
2. Everybody's Got A Problem- Father's Children
3. 1990- The Undisputed Truth
4. Skull Session- Oliver Nelson
5. Who Will Survive America- Amiri Baraka
6. Shape Your Mind to Die- Leon Thomas
7. What's Your Word- Gloria Ann Taylor
8. Blasé- Archie Shepp
9. The Young, Tough And Terrible- The Lost Generation
10. Message To Mankind- O.C. Tolbert
11. Freedom- Ndikho Xaba
12. Political Rag- King Solomon
13. Woman Of The Ghetto- Doris Duke

14. Singerella--A Ghetto Fairy Tale- Gary Bartz & NTU
15. Bad Cloud Overhead- Blackrock
16. Here Comes the Family- Archie Shepp
17. Move Your Hand (edit)- Lonnie Smith
18. Taurus (edit for instrumental)- Pt. 1 Cannonball Adderley
19. Sympathy For the Devil- Gangsters of Love
20. Anima Christi- Mary Lou Williams
21. Celestial Blues- Andy Bey
22. Kohoutek- Father's Children
23. This Is The Lost Generation (Vocal)- The Lost Generation
24. Taurus (edit for instrumental) Pt.2- Cannonball Adderley
25. Old Uncle Tom Is Dead- Mr. Wiggles
26. Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior- Archie Shepp
27. All Hid- Camille Yarbrough



Sage said...

THANK YOU ETERNALLY! These mixes have become the background to everything for me the last few months! Vol.3 sounding sweet as ever.

burntoutsavannahs said...

psyched to check this out. also psyched to see you used at least a little bit of what i sent yr way amigo. if you ever wanna collab on a split mix, hit me up!

Flash Strap said...

Thanks for sayin' so, sage.

Hope you like it, spookman. Not sure what I used from you, though, I'm trying to remember. I think I had this one pretty wrapped up before your recent funk infusion-- I'll have to get those gems on the next volume.

Anonymous said...

Listening now. Great stuff!

burntoutsavannahs said...

it's possible that i'm wrong sir. i think some of those old dusty disco tracks would be fucking choice on yr next comp amigo. ;)

Anonymous said...

just got to say, seriously, these 3 comps are the fucking bomb. so good. hoping for volume 4 at some point. each one of these comps have set me down the path of researching many of the inclusions. keep on keepin' on.

Flash Strap said...

Thanks, Anon. That's really so good to hear. And you can count on a volume four one day, as soon as I dig up enough opals from the rich, black earth.

Whip Wilson said...

I'm a little late to the soirée, but this post is a day maker. I'm a strong pour of Laphroig away from digesting this dark beauty. Chin, chin old boy!

-The Whipper

Flash Strap said...

Ha ha! Marvellous! I toast you now with an Ardbeg!

Mike said...

These compilations have been my summer. Great work!

luke thighstalker said...

sheer murky dankness, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much indeed! Love Pete

Mark Desmet said...

Thanks for your efforts, patiently downloading now!

nicholab said...

dope, dope, super-dope! feeling your new banner(s) up-top, too, btw...word em up

Flash Strap said...

Thanks Nick!

bcardoso said...

thank you very much for these collections!

I don't know how many times I have listened to them -- well, actually I do: everyday single day.

keep groovin'

Mike Brody said...

Just discovered your blog last week. Fucking love it! Two questions: 1) Do you have the years for the comps you've posted? I'm a nerd that likes to know when the songs were made? 2) Are there other Exotica/etc sites that I should check out as well or do you post all the good stuff here? Thanks!


Flash Strap said...

Hi Mike,
I understand wanting to know the years of the songs-- I've often considered including them in the tracklist, but it would be quite an extra hassle. If you have any specific questions, hit me up in the comments, but otherwise you'll have to get to googlin' if you seek these answers. In the future, I'll try to include that info.

Also, I think most of my favorite blogs are in the sidebar. If you specifically want exotica, then check out the sleepy lagoon. Also office naps has exquisite exotica singles, and something called the exotica project. There's a few other good "exotic" blogs in the sidebar. Also, let me know if you find another winner out there-- my list is far from complete, I know.

Mike Brody said...

Thanks!!! Really enjoy the blog. Keep it up.

Mike Brody said...

Incidentally, even though this isn't "funk" per se, it IS a black rock group from 1975. It got re-issued in 2009 but I can't wrap my head around how this exists from back then:

Flash Strap said...

Yeah Death is pretty out there. I always want to like them but end up approaching them like a conceptual punk project that's better discussed than actually heard. Like Metal Machine Music, or The Pop Group, but less appealing than either.