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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flash Strap Presents: Jungle Shadows III

Jungle Shadows, Part 3. For your summertime excursions, aquatic invasions, and up-the-river assassination odysseys. I hope I don't toot my own too gratuitously if I say: I think this is a good one, friends.

Please enjoy, leave a comment, follow through the links and thank the other librarians...and let me know if I should brew up another one of these, by and by-- I got some ideas, you know.

1. I Cover the Waterfront- The Ink Spots
2. Freefall- Vangelis
3. The Enchanted Sea- Alfred Newman
4. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea- Frankie Avalon
5. The Enchanted Sea- Martin Denny
6. Quiet Village (Exotiste•Control Car Style)- Lalo Schifrin
7. 5.21 - Five To One (with Grim Skip)- EP-4
8. Give Me Your Soul- Dunkelziffer
9. Indecent Sacrifice- Scott Walker
10. Kurikuté- Sara Chaves
11. Le Berber 2:15- Afro-Soultet
12. 2 West 46th Street (from Moondog Suite)- Kenny Graham and His Satellites
13. Genocide- Link Wray
14. Osamu's Theme: Kyoko's House- Philip Glass
15. Summertime- Santo & Johnny
16. Baia- Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble
17. Big Bamboo (feat. National Recording Calypso Band)- Mighty Sparrow
18. I Want To Love Him So Bad- Jelly Beans
19. Single Pigeon (Early Take)- Paul McCartney

20. Night In The Forest- Ananda Shankar
21. Africa- Shelly Manne
22. Het lied van Lima- La Esterella (Thanks to Feq'wah! This song is amazing)
23. Paradise- Sun Ra
24. Sad Love Story- Hans Dulfer
25. Fleurette Africaine- Duke Ellington/Charlie Mingus/Max Roach
26. Black John The Conqueror- Dr. John
27. Ibistix- Syrinx
28. Sweet Song Of Summer- Bee Gees
29. L'éléphant- Henri Texier
30. More Creation- Lennie Hibbert
31. Amazon Trail- The Ian Langley Group
32. Japan- Pharoah Sanders
33. Sunshine Sometime (Unreleased Instrumental)- Paul McCartney
34. Is Life Worth Living- Prince Buster



Anonymous said...

The moment we've been waiting for! Well, at least I have!--Bill

walkingtrees said...

Hells yes, been waiting on this as well. Love this series of mixes, thanks amigo!

Holly said...

Thank you, Flash!
Party time ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cheers, man ! Excellent, fantastic work. thanks.

ears said...

I was wondering when the money jungle was going to surface in these murky waters. thanks buddy!

Flash Strap said...

I am extremely pleased if you all have enjoyed this. Thanks for sayin' howdy.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice! THanks!

Harry Badaud
on Gundagurra land

The Sleepy Lagoon said...

Great as always... Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always thanks a lot

VideoPate said...

Flash Strap,
thanks so much for putting together these amazing compilations. Some real special lost artifacts. found your blog soon after the late great holy warbles. Truly appreciate the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Flash Strap Presents: Jungle Shadows III

original zip archives:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Archer Kincaid said...

hi flash, just a note to say how much i enjoy your compilations. although i'm a late-comer to this whole wonderful world of out-of-print music blogs, you have inspired my to start my own. your mixes have made my house sound magical.

please continue to do what you do. people out here appreciate it.

Max Duck said...

It's really incredible. I've been lurking for a while now, slowly absorbing all of the treasures you so kindly share. I had an evening in Las Vegas with Stephin Merritt, and I believe he was also quite pleased (as far as I could tell-- sometimes that's difficult!)


Charles said...

Just came across this blog yesterday, and love it! the mix of soul/world/dub is right up my alley! Enjoying it ALL!

Really like Zippyshare too! Hassle free!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-upload!


anita said...

I'm very glad now, and it's all because of youuu, thanks bruv.

Flash Strap said...

Ah, you're very welcome!