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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Treasures Unearthed: Sven Libaek- The Music of Sven Libaek (1967)

Splendid news, fellows! The Music of Sven Libaek has turned up. It's been up and about since March 3rd, over at the relative newcomer and extremely promising blog, Urban Bowerbird. I don't know how this one eluded my discovery for those two months, but now I've found it I'm tickled pink. Tickled just entirely pink.

First, let me say that Urban Bowerbird is having a great start, popping up not only this elusive treasure but also some awesome Libaek 45s and an interesting selection of rare Australian records, including a great LP from John Sangster. So, I'd say this is a spot to keep your eye on, to be sure.

Now, I shall opine that The Music of Sven Libaek is awesome. It's great. Some of his earliest work, it features Nature Walkabout-esque compositions played in a simpler style more in line with The Set. You'll want to hear it, friends, for it is so fine. Head on over and have a listen, then thank the man for what he's done.


For more Libaek, check this out.


; said...

figured I'd say after a while that you've been a great source of things, particularly after the inimitable Owl got taken down. The grimzek safari ++ Exotiste stuff has been killing it early this summer, and your taste for the creeps and predators in the lounge has provided a phantasmagoria / the earliest bit of summer so far with some much needed miasmatic aid. haven't czeched the Libaek yet, but I'm excited. Anyways, thanks, and I'll try to stay up on commenting fir real.


Flash Strap said...

Thanks, semicolon!

R said...

Hey, thanks for the plug Flash. I'm really glad to see that this release is going to get a wider audience and enter the Sven canon. Keep an eye on Urban Bowerbird, next up I'm going to post a couple of Oz folk releases and then follow that with a triumvirate of seventies Don Burrows stuff.

Thanks again!

Flash Strap said...

Can't wait to see what you've got in store, R. Burrows' stuff has been some of my favorite Australian stuff so far, so I'd be ecstatic to hear some more.

Whatever you post, I will check out. I look forward to the rise of the Urban Bowerbird.