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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flash Strap Presents! Dub Hot Dubs Vol. 2: Krazy Kommand Kar

Here you are, my friends. Dub Hot Dubs 2: Krazy Kommand Kar. Please take this one on patrol, like a mystic skeleton krew, and burn a black light on the dark corners of creation.

There's a lotta Keith Hudson on this one, because good god he is the greatest.

Please make sure you nab both halves, and let me know how you like it.

1. Ordinary Version Dub- Impact Allstars
2. Man From Shooters Hill- Keith Hudson
3. Black Panta- Lee 'Scratch' Perry
4. Hunting- Keith Hudson
5. Marcus Garvey- Noel Ellis
6. Satan Side (aka Theme From Satan Side)- Keith Hudson & The Chuckles
7. Father Forgive- Cedric Im Brooks
8. Uptown Top Rank (MRC Version)- Althea & Donna
9. Flour Power- Naggo Morris
10. Reorganizing The Race- Phillip Fullwood and Winston McKenzie
11. Tapper Zukie In Dub- Tapper Zukie
12. Devaluation Dub- Twinkle Brothers
13. Dub With A Difference- King Tubby/Harry Mudie
14. Black Foundation- Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke
15. The War Is On- Bobby Kalphat & The Phil Pratt All Stars
16. Woman in Dub- Family Man Barrett
17. To Hail Salassie- Noel Ellis

18. Look At Me- Keith Hudson
19. Upsetting Rhythm #2- Lee 'Scratch' Perry
20. Hawks Theme- Carlton And Family Man Barrett
21. African Dub Version- The Silvertones
22. Fever Grass Dub- Lee 'Scratch' Perry
23. Dubbin An Wailin- Velvet Shadows
24. Save Out Dub- Glen Brown/King Tubby
25. Mountains Of Dub- Twinkle Brothers
26. Earthwire Line- Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers
27. Jungle Dub- Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
28. Stabiliser- Keith Hudson
29. Wicked She Wicked- Billy Boyo
30. Klu Bly Klan- Mickey Jarrett
31. Rocky River- The Upsetters
32. Rockfort Rock- Azul
33. Bali Hi- Scientist

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Feq'wah said...

And a fair amount of scratch, cause he's the greatest too :)

Armpit Studios said...

I downloaded just because of the car. I built one of those when I was a kid. Still have it. Rommel's Rod.

Flash Strap said...

The Desert Fox!

walkingtrees said...

thanks fir this. you have the best art going on here on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Art is Smart, but the Dub's the Rub. You are simply the Master of Hot Weather Dub Stylee. Many thanks.

roboticdeathhawk said...

i'm sure i'll love this as much as the first volume....
perfect timing for summer....

Anonymous said...

links are dead :(

Flash Strap said...

No, no they live still. Try again, friend.

carloni said...

greeting from Lisbon ! Very very good selecta.

Whip Wilson said...

This, sir, is a God damn day maker. Hup, hup!

-The Whipper

Anonymous said...

I love 'em and I love 'em on Mediafire!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some King Tubby on here. Although nothing beats the track "Full Dose of Dub"

bwana said...

words can't be enough... Thanx a zillion! by the way second part of Dub Hot Dubs 2 is dead - can you please check it? cheers!

Flash Strap said...

It's not dead, I don't think. It's just a zippyshare glitch, it should return to normal by tomorrow or the next day. I'll keep an eye on it, an up a new link if I have to.

Hit me up again if I forget, and we'll make sure you get your hands on part two.

And you're eternally welcome, sir Bwana. Thanks for stopping by.

Flash Strap said...

Alright Bwana-- it never fixed itself. What the hell I guess. Upped a fresh link for ya though, so please do download it! Best to you.

Anonymous said...

truth, merci beaucoup,
anon, quebec

Ry said...

truth, merci beaucoup,

MGB said...

Wow, seriously one of the best blogs I've stumbled upon in a while. Digging your mixes and uploads. Very nice taste! Share more please!



Anonymous said...

wonderful blog - but here: links are dead (again)

Flash Strap said...

Links fixed!