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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Creole Venus: Piero Umiliani and Carlo Rustichelli- Venere Creola (1961)

Here's a fun little EP of a soundtrack Umiliani did with Carlo Rustichelli in 1961. At this point, I may not need to explain why I think Umiliani is so great, so I'll just point out that Rustichelli is no slouch, either, with hundreds of soundtracks to his name, including some work with Fellini.

Venere Creola isn't even close to the best or most interesting work that these men are capable of. And while it's rather slight (20 minutes and six songs, all nice and none phenomenal), its Haitian/Calypso-influenced sound is charming, pleasant, and deeply warm, so I highly recommend giving it a listen. You won't regret it.

Many thanks to the original ripper for this gorgeous 320 rip.



burntoutsavannahs said...

as always, a pure gem. thanks a million man. i posted something you might be interested in, or here instead... enjoy my friend.

Flash Strap said...

I'll check it out as soon as my internet quits being so pokey, it looks like a good one.

burntoutsavannahs said...

yeah, let me know what you think! i couldn't find out very much info about gianni marchetti, but it's a pretty solid soundtrack. i couldn't find it anywhere in the wasteland, so it might be a virgin. also, do you have any more of those cats who did that africanissimo album?

Flash Strap said...

I posted up two other Duo Ouro Negros a little while back:

And Ghostcapital has a few more: