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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flash Strap Presents: Jungle Shadows II

Jungle Shadows II. I intended to put this up over a week ago, but internet on my little hill in the desert has been a windblown travesty and I haven't been able to get the files up.

It is here now. If you so desire, you can continue the countdown to summer times, or soundtrack your safari days, with more Jungle Shadows. Please do enjoy-- drop a comment to let me know how you're feeling about it all, and what kind of grotto beasts you're discovering in these tropic shades.

Get both parts, fellows, and perhaps check out volume one if you haven't already. Volume III to come next month, likely to conclude the series for the time being (though it may be followed by Dub Hot Dubs 2, and Black Art + Machine Gun Funk 3, if there's any interest).

1. Forest Ballad- Ariel Kalma
2. Nights in Sweat- Ash Ra Tempel
3. Deep Night- Les Baxter
4. India- Gato Barbieri
5. Água Viva- Pedro Santos
6. Your Heat Belongs To Me- The Superettes
7. Moon Lagoon Platoon- Magic Lantern
8. Chuncho- Yma Sumac
9. The Plague- Scott Walker
10. Bye Bye Papaye- Antena
11. I Can't Get Started- Perez Prado
12. You Belong To My Heart- Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf Astoria Orchestra (w/ Bing Crosby)
13. Don't Say No- Speed, Glue and Shinki

14. Quatre Parishe- Dr. John
15. Black Swan- Nina Simone
16. Not For Me- Bobby Darin
17. Call of the Jungle Birds- Tito Puente
18. Bamboo and Rice- Bill Osborn
19. Soul Vibrations- Dorothy Ashby
20. African Queen- Allez Allez
21. Afrique- Duke Ellington
23. Dune- Tony Esposito
24. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro- Carmen Miranda & The Andrews Sisters
25. El Caballo- Roberto Cantoral
26. Steam Heat- Barbara Moore
27. Electric Piano, Vibraphone, Percussion And Rain- Craig Kupka
28. Mystery track

R E U P P E D, B O T H P A R T S

Speaking of mixes: if any of you out there are wishing you'd downloaded all those Holy Warbles mixes (including the collabs with Ghostcapital), fellow blogger guillermotattingSo, you might check that out.


walkingtrees said...

thanks buddy!

burntoutsavannahs said...

hey! this is fantastique my friend. glad to see speed glue & shinki on the mix. psyched about the next dub mix as well kind sir.

Anonymous said...

this is INCREDIBLE! (as always)
Can not wait for Dub Hot Dubs 2!!!!! The first one is the best comp I've ever heard!

Michael Breakfast said...

Man, Barbieri is getting down. You're a good man.

the carp said...

eagerly await the black art machine gun funk 3. first 2 are ridiculous in how awesome they are.

dubme said...

Thanks for this selection of beautiful music... very eclectic Exotica mix... like how this mix isn't "Exotica" by just sharing Martin Denny, Les Baxter - or other "classic" Exotica from the 1950ies and early 60ies (which I love!) - but moving beyond that - and finding "Exotica" or the quality of Exotica in so many other genres and musical styles... Definitely my kind of mix! Now - I wish I really had the time to give all the good music I am permanently discovering all the time and quality it deserves - to be listened to... Like in the good old days when I would buy my weekly bunch of records at the local recordshop - and then be playing them for the rest of the week. Internet, downloading, blogs - are great - but have made things so much faster...

Listening to this mix - this raw diamonds immediately shone out:

1. Nina Simone - Black Swan (woah!!!)

2. Bill Osborn - Bamboo and Rice (nice one! I think I first heard this song on the "exotica project" website!? Actually planning on making a compilation including other songs in a similar vein)

3. Yma Sumac - Chuncho (Is that song from her russian live album? Where all them big russian generals were falling for her...?! I can see why... ;-)

4. Pedro Santos - Água Viva (brilliant song! only found out about this songs a few month ago... my type of "under water sound exotic surfing sound")


Bill said...

Great listening! Hope you do a part 3. I'll put them all together and listen all day! Thank you--Bill

burntoutsavannah said...

i know i have left a comment already, but jesus, this is probably my favorite mix you have made. i have listened to this a good seven or eight times now. just hit after hit. thanks again man! also, i have the versatile mancini, but are there any other records you would reccomend? also, check out mike's blogspot at he has made an impressive first post, & i would reccomend y'll hitting that up pronto.

configuratao said...

All your comps are somptuous -
... wordless since Grzimeks (!), waiting for something worth to say, but, and, listening and re-listening your absolute impeccable, touching, surprising, entertaining, dancing, incredible choices -well, so eclectics and excellently packed, etc. Ha! -Fats Waller, Beach Boys, Dylan, Ornette Coleman for exemple, i mean..., all that, your tracklists are really teasing, -and longs - last night i just listened Flash Straps all long while painting, yes, you are doing The Juke Box we will have dreamt about, come true!! Impressed, i know it would take a book or better having real conversations with you to say something about every marvels you choose and offer, the surprises you display, -the Donovan, Deep Purple, the Allessi Brothers, to name few ... ok, ok, every ones,- it is, & you are, fantastic! (And i'm still wordless!)
Actually you convert me absolutely to exotica,-the Hawai Calls, ah, Bahia,(sailing with Continente Negro...) & your very fine texts, and not to say your collages too are very savourous, ah là là, it makes feel completely enthousiastic!!! --i come here every day, since around the start of the year, so this is a late & too long (& messy) message, but i'm so pleased after this new Jungle Shadows, when i was still procrastinate after the others, -and exploring the pangea of your blog,- i had to say something at least once, despite the chaotic language, and sure telling you that i feel childishly impatient to listening all and every forthcoming mixs, posts, you will propose, that for certain, and wishing you the best, please receive a GRAND MERCI déjà!
thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great mix! My uncle is the keyboardist on the 27th track. Dig it.

Whip Wilson said...

While I have truly enjoyed all of your mixes thus far, my senses flooded with the involuntary endorphin release when I read of the possibility of DUB HOT DUBS II. This would make the Summer. Many thanks and gentle encouragement.

Children's Prison said...

Enjoying this on a Friday afternoon. Cheers!

Flash Strap said...

Dubme and Configuratao- I just wanted to belatedly tell you that your comments made my year. Thanks.

Doc said...

Friend Flash Strap,
Thanks for all you share!
The link (Zippyshare) for Jungle Shadows II, Part Two hasn't been working. Can you fix? Doc

Flash Strap said...

Fixed it, Doc. Re-pped part two and both parts of Jungle Shadows III (they were down too, for some reason).

Doc said...

Thanks, Flash Strap! Much appreciated. Doc

Buddy Nuggets said...

i just stumbled on these mixes, really amazing selections! perfect flow. going deep now.