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Monday, February 27, 2012

Stranger in Paradise: Ribamar- Dançando com Ribamar (1956)

Gorgeous Brazilian instrumental music from 1956, by accordionist and composer Ribamar. Like several other posts on this blog, this magic came from the Brazilian music blog Loronix, whose links were once excellent but now are all long dead. I only managed to snag a handful of records from the place before all was lost, but I intend to share them all, by-and-by. Not just rare but also wonderful, they all deserve to see more daylight.

Dançando com Ribamar is a delight and a pleasantness. Its charming, expert blend of both Brazilian and American popular music, jazz, and Bossa Nova align the album somewhat with the work of the fellows of Exotica; the influences are so similar, just approached from a different perspective. Reverse-Exotica in a sense. As such, the music would fit in on any Exotica playlist-- as well as one of Brazilian popular-music-circa-1950's, it should go without saying.

Sorry to be posting such Springtime tunes in what must still be a chilly winter for many of you, but the sun is here to stay in this corner of Mexico, so I feel I must post this. Perfect for enjoying a cool beverage in the shade on a sunny day, or just fantasizing about that sunny day to come.

Check out what remains of Loronix here, for some more info.



Feq'wah said...

Great, like a summer breeze this record, gosto muito.

Yes, Loronix was a great blog, to bad i found out about zecalouro's blog way to late. So you have more to share? Nice to hear that.

Do you have Ceu da Boca?
If interested i can make you a rip of my not-in-perfect-shape-but better-than-nothing-vinyl-copy. Just let me know.

Thanks for the Ribamar!

Holly said...

Funny, Flash, I guess it's an accordion day - was just listening to Guy Klucevsek!

This is great. Loronix is sorely missed. Thank you for spreading some his love.

burntoutsavannahs said...

thank you again. yr raining down manna in this dreary seattle winter kind sir.

burntoutsavannahs said...

also, if you don't mind me noah'ing yr comments, here is another contribution to the village pool since it seems as if people liked the shun joong hyun link i posted. a winter-y desert drone tape for long nights that i put out a few months ago.

burntoutsavannahs said...

pps i feel ya feq. i am very very late in the game for most of these blogs.

burntoutsavannahs said...

& one more link, this is my own rip of yma sumac's recital which is a higher bitrate than any other download i have seen around the wastelands. thanks to flash for inspiring my love of yma & the great pantheon of exotica.

Flash Strap said...

Feq'wah- I don't have Ceu De Boca, actually. I'd love to hear it, though. In general, if you ever have anything you want to share, consider this forum available to you.

I'll put up whatever little else I have from Loronix soon- I too found out about it way too late. If anybody has any of his treasures in their collection, feel free to resurrect them in this place.

BOS- Thanks for the Yma!

Holly- some daze are just accordion daze. I love Klucevsek.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully recorded, quietly swinging, and just a touch of that exotica americano. A real find.

Thanks so much for posting.

Feq'wah said...

Ah, been a bit tardy on the perception, but here goes, brother :)

----> Céu da Boca

No cover scan as of yet though, will follow...