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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ghetto Organs and Cactus Riddims: Carlton Barrett and Family Man- (The Sound of) Macka Dub (197?)

This is one of my favorite dub records. The rhythms are badass and crunchy, and most every track showcases just the nastiest organ or piano work. The sound of the organ is so right & good. It's a panic of goodness.

This is a simple record of dub instrumentals with relatively light effects and outrageously solid playing. There's not all that much I can say about it (except, it seems that calypso legend Mighty Sparrow turns in some drum work here). The organ sound just slays, though, making this an absolute essential.



Zen said...

I just put this on right now, and I can already tell the whole thing is going to be perfect. Thanks for helping me get into dub.



Flash Strap said...

Zen! So glad you liked it. Glad I could help facilitate a shift into dub, also. Not always easy, to make that move.

I could have sworn you were already in my blogroll, but apparently I'd made an oversight. It's now been corrected.

Zen said...

For a guy like me, getting into this stuff via people like Peter Tosh or the Lone Ranger, or ska bands like the Toasters, dub is an extremely intriguing but opaque genre. Your posts are definitely a motivating place to start.

I'm glad you like my posts enough to put it on your sidebar. Flash Strap is certainly an inspiration for me.

You're also the first stranger I've known who seems to have seen Zardoz, so cheers on that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

Holly said...

Flash, this is most excellent. I'm not generally the biggest dub fan, but I adore pretty much everything you post. You have exquisite dub taste!

Plus the intro to your sample song reminded me of Traffic Sound, which is a very, very good thing.

Flash Strap said...

Ah, so pleased you approve of the dub vein in which I swim! It was so hard for me to get into Jamaican music in general, and now that I'm there I try to curate with an open mind and a judicious hand.

Can you point me towards a Traffic Sounds entranceway or hot tip? I've heard tell but know nothing.

Anonymous said...

superb! thank you kindly

Zen said...

fighting fire with fire:

Manolo Floyd said...