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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes Songs are Perfect: Gloria Ann Taylor- Deep Inside You EP (197?); Total Disaster Single (1971)

If you haven't heard this massive little sliver of mind-blowing excellence-- recently posted at the wonderful spot Allegory of Allergies-- you should. Oh, how fine it is! Two spooky soul-funk joints crawling with exotic drum-machine boops, spiderweb guitar, and delicate trails of echo and mellotron sounds, followed by a melancholy left-field string-disco revelation. I will be playing this EP over and over again until it makes me nauseous. It is so good. It melts a man.


I did some looking around and I found another single from Mrs. Gloria: "Total Disaster". It's good stuff, but a bit more conventional. It's still a really nice soul single along the lines of the Supremes or Martha and the Vandellas, and it comes with some rougher edges, good strings, raga guitar, and a great use of hand drums.

I found it on Derek's Daily 45, and you will too (alright, his link is dead so I upped it here).


Thank the dudes who do these blogs!

A gentleman commenter by the name of Nick has left a link in the comments to an additional piece of the puzzle, an excellent track by Gloria's husband/producer/conductor of the Walter Whisenhunt Orchestra, Mr. Walter Whisenhunt. The track, "I'm Saluting You For Your Love", is more along the gently trippy lines of the work found on the Deep Inside You EP. It also bears a more than striking resemblance to the Marvin Gaye tune, "Ego Trippin'", which doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Check out the sounds and give a holler if you have a line on a download of this song or any other Gloria Ann Taylor or Walter Whisenhunt material.


nick said...

I never knew this one -- great stuff! Cool to see Leon Ware's in there, too. Here is another piece of the puzzle, a 12" by her husband:


Blimey this is truly mental and now a perminent staple in my sets... thanks
you so much

Anonymous said...

Derek's is down, could yoù re-up pls? Many congrats with yer top blogg!

Flash Strap said...

Done and done, sir.

medium asleep said...

Totally, totally, totally great. And that's after listening to Mr Shepp all week. It's a great life.