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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dub For the New Year: Herman Chin Loy- Aquarius Dub (1973)

It's 2012. May I venture into this unknowable new year with you, my friend?

Here's a quickie post to get back in the game. I'm still a man on the Holiday Ride so I don't have the kind of "blog time" at my disposal that I might like, but the sabbatical has come an end. Even Achewood is back-- so, so must I be.

To kick off this savage año nuevo with some cautious, skeletal optimism, I offer you Herman Chin Loy's Aquarius Dub. Thought of as one of the very first dub projects, it comes off as pretty tentative and bare bones, but its humble charms and bright-eyed sense of discovery are not to be ignored. "Heavy Duty" is an extremely cool cut, the whole thing has a low-key funk/Meters-y sensibility, and yes indeed there's a Carole King cover.

Sorry if some tracks are mislabeled, I'm not 100% sure if this is a problem on this rip (courtesy You & Me on a Jamboree).

So get it or don't. Just know that I am back and we are still in this awful old world together.


I promise some more exciting, unique flavors will issue forth from the mouth of this place, and soon, but for now I'm still gettin' back in the saddle.


DonHo57 said...

Never any complaints for anything you provide us's always good stuff. Thanks!

Holly said...

Thanks, Flash!

You might be interested the recent reissue of The Impact All Stars' Java Java Java Java dub, also recorded in 1973 - same studio, produced by Chin's brother & engineered by his father!

Here's a link:


holo said...

not such an awful world with music like this and blogs like yours amigo..muchos muchos gracias & happy 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Killa Album.....

Peace EveryTime