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Monday, November 28, 2011

Flash Strap Presents: Black Art + Machine Gun Funk Volume Two

Here is part two of my series, Black Art + Machine Gun Funk (Check out part one here). While some repeat offenders can be found here, I've taken pains to insure that this is more than a just retread of the first one- this is a mean batch, friends.

Thanks to Nicholab of Ghostcapital for the hot tip on Kool & Together. The cover photo for this one is by Danny Lyon, from this Documerica series.

Part One
1. The Meek Ain't Gonna- The Watts Prophets
2. Mean Machine (Chant)- The Last Poets
3. (For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People- The Chi-Lites
4. Who's For The Young- Brothers Unlimited
5. Raising Hell- Norma Jean & Ray J
6. Hard Times- Baby Huey
7. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun- Rotary Connection
8. Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip- Fugi
9. My People... Hold On- Eddie Kendricks
10. Ball Of Confusion- The Undisputed Truth
11. Peace And Love (Movement V)- Mandrill
12. East- Billy Paul

Part Two
1. Black Noise- Rotary Connection
2. Good Ole Music- The Parliaments
3. Sittin' On A Red Hot Stove- Kool & Together
4. Lying- Black Merda
5. I Can't Stand The Rain- Ann Peebles
6. Feels Like The World- Isley Brothers
7. F.U.N.K.- Betty Davis
8. I Walk On Gilded Splinters- Johnny Jenkins
9. Dance With Your Parno- Bohannon
10. What It Is?- The Undisputed Truth
11. Pretty Soon- The Black Haze Express
12. Wino Man- Kool & Together
13. Life, Dreams, Death- Brothers Unlimited



DonHo57 said...

sunce thanks for this great comp, but...the Part 1 link leads me to the same download file part 2 as the Part 2 link.

Flash Strap said...

both the links are fine, I'm fairly certain. The first link should lead to "Black Art 2", the second to "+Machinegun Funk2". Sorry for any confusion.


Solid selection, hard soil to toil. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff!Sincerely thank you!

Charles said...

Good stuff. Am I the only one to find the easter egg??

Flash Strap said...

Remind me what the easter egg is, i'm very curious

Anonymous said...

Both links down. Any chance of re-up?

Flash Strap said...

Workin on it now, thanks for letting me know!

Mischa said...

Hi, yes, the links are down. Thanx for working on getting them back online.
Would love to hear this compilation too :-)
Thanx for the other two and all the other lovely stuff your doing musicwise, I've downloaded a lot of your posts and they have become an important part for me in my music collection :-)

Greetings from Amsterdam.

Flash Strap said...

Re-upped for your pleasure, Mischa. All the best

Mischa. said...

Oo yesss, thank you :-)
Bye for now, lots of listening to do...