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Friday, October 21, 2011

Flash Strap Presents: Black Art + Machine Gun Funk

Here's a compilation I put together dealing with the tuffer, leaner, meaner, and more experimental side of funk, drawing from the subgenre wells of psychedelic soul, black rock, black power music, 70's Afro-futurism and spiritual jazz, and what Archie Shepp suggested be termed, "Black Art Music". I've done this without incorporating any tracks from Funkadelic or Sly Stone, the best of whose works exemplify the feel I attempt to pursue here. Giant and genius as they are, including them in a compilation would feel silly and obvious (in that regard, I feel guilty for including Betty Davis, too- although she's not as well known or widely praised now as she deserves to be). So if you already have the first three Funkadelic albums, and Sly (and the Family) Stone's There's A Riot Goin' On and Fresh (among others, hopefully), and you're looking for more experimental funk that fears not the murky darkness- that which is trippy without bearing flowers and unnecessary colors, psychedelic and angry- let this collection scratch yall's itch and lead you down nasty pathways to ruff new discoveries on your own personal funk hunt. Follow the links for the fuller story on these tracks- none of them are isolated incidents.

And for the sake of the soul, please download both parts!


1. Listen- Watts Prophets
2. Living In The Ghetto- Purple Image
3. Gettin' Kicked Off, Havin' Fun- Betty Davis
4. One Room Country Shack- Shuggie Otis
5. Can I Help You- Amnesty
6. Masked Music Man- Mandre
7. California Dreamin' (Reprise)- Eddie Hazel
8. Ohio / Machine Gun- The Isley Brothers
9. Oxford Gray- Shuggie Otis
10. Smiling Faces Sometimes- Rare Earth
11. Red Moon- Fugi
12. Cynthy-Ruth- Black Merda


1. Ghettos of the Mind- Bama
2. Let My People Go- Darongo
3. Attica Blues- Archie Shepp
4. Is Anybody Gonna Be Saved?- Ohio Players
5. Save Their Souls- Bohannon
6. I Don't Want To Die- Black Merda
7. Ain't It Fine- Kain
8. Smokin Cheeba Cheeba- Harlem Underground Band
9. Down Home Funk (Full Version)- Larry Davis
10. A Change Is Going to Come- Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters



Holly said...

How awesome!! I have most of these cuts scattered hither & yon - but what a GREAT mix!!! And all those links!!!!


Thank you very, very much.

øשlqæda said...

most auspicious selections, brohymn. yer mixes are owlwaze a hoot

nicholab said...

banging! can't wait to dive in....

øשlqæda said...

pure fire, this + the cover art is wicked

Flash Strap said...

What fine pedigree If commenter I find here!

Thanks for the kind words, esteemed fellows. Glad you dug the art, Owl. By that turn, I have to say, you and Nick did a pretty luscious job on your last comp- a most dope drop indeed which has been in fair frequent rotation round these parts.

See you on that funky street, amigos.

Anonymous said...

An enviable endeavour, delivered expertly. Huzzah!

steevee said...

Have you seen the movie THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975, made of Swedish TV interviews with Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis and co.? It's actually fairly light on music, but this compilation would've made the perfect soundtrack.

vampyreverdi said...

Diggin' that Cheeba Cheeba. Thanks

Anonymous said...

sir flash,

this is an interent mirage; too much heat off of too many dns servers. thank you.

since i cannot find a better place to ask, would you happen to have anything by rogerio duprat? preferably the brazilian suite from 1970 kpm?

many thanks,

hayseed said...

ain't it fine. was throwing tracks into a booty shakin mix, grabbed this set thinking I could strain out some fly chunks. oh no. this is the dope shit. literally. these fuckers are stoned sagacious. effort extra appreciated.

Mona said...

GAH! Suspended Mediafire account :(

Flash Strap said...

The links at the bottom are the new ones. I guess the ones in the body of the text were still old. Anyway, no need to go gah, the new links are still hott.

Mona said...

Thanx! Bit bleary eyed first ting in morn (and retract GAH! X)

Moonman said...

Oh good gravy. This is ill! And the artwork.......damn.

Rob Rob said...

I've been picking up stuff from you here and there -- can't believe it took me this long to check these mixes out. I'm loving it. Thanks!

cgm said...

Thanks for these tremendous mixes!