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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brittle Little Drum Machines on the Funk Hunt: Timmy Thomas- Why Can't We Live Together (1973)

Here's another quick post- gettin' us back on the funk hunt. I'd only previously heard Timmy Thomas' "Funky Me" on the Miami Sound comp from Soul Jazz, and this installment of drum-machine funk on the wonderful blog Office Naps (where you can find a little bit of good info on Mr. Thomas and a whole lot of great 45s). But the other day I grabbed a rip of the full-length, and it's a treat to say the least. Comprised mostly of a primitive drum machine and Thomas on a Hammond organ and fairly naked vocals, it's a stripped-down affair, but strikingly so. Minimalist funk, if ever there was such a thing. Sly Stone circa Riot Goin' On would definitely relate (though let me be clear: this is nowhere near that piece of work, which should be considered indispensable.) Highly recommended.



civildefense said...

This is fantastic! Drum machine soul never sounded so good...

Holly said...

Wow! I have & love the WCWLT single, but never even thought to look for the lp. Very cool. Thank you!