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Monday, July 11, 2011

To Carry You Through The Muggy Daze: Flash Strap Presents- DUB HOT DUBS

My friend Jacob once remarked, about the heat on an early summer day, "It's hot. But it's not dub hot." By which he meant, while it was a warm day indeed, it simply had not yet reached the sweltering temperature which is best augmented by the hazy, nauseous, intoxicating directness of the repetition and deceptive simplicity of dub. When you are so hot and high you can hardly stand up - brother, dub is there for you to lean on. It is there to provide a bass-based roadmap through the wall of wet-hot air, combating the waves of haze with layers of phase.

It is hot now. In North Carolina the air is so damn humid you could spread it on toast. I miss the blistering dryness of Old Mex, but it's rainy season there so I ain't missing much besides horrendous torrents of rain and hail. Torrid Rain.

In recognition of the way things are, I put together this mix of hot dubs. How hot, you ask? Dub Hot. These are the Dub Hot Dubs. This is a monstrous slab of hand-picked dub treasures- nearly two hours worth. That should get you through the smoking experience and the first few waves of fear, incoherence, pleasure, and confusion. Once you're on the other side of this, you'll be breathing heat like a lizard and smelling skunks decomposing pleasantly in the distance.

At once lurid and sophisticated, the best dubs exist brilliantly at a stoned, black-as-hell intersection between pulpy low art comic pops and the primitive-conscious avant-garde. These are some of my favorite black magic echo chambers so please enjoy- and don't forget to pull one for the ancients. If that's your cup of tea.

This god damn thing is ripped in two parts- so please get both and reassemble.

1. Population Dub- Tappa Zukie
2. Playing It Right Dub- Keith Hudson
3. Bradsta Dub- Carlton And Family Man Barrett
4. Prophet A Come- Black Magic Dub
5. Addis Ababa Rock- Inner Circle
6. Asibiso Jungle- Vulcans
7. Jungle Dub- Black Magic Dub
8. Nice Up The Yard (Feat. U Brown)- Trinity
9. Walk Like A Dragon- I-Roy
10. Nations Liquidator- Twinkle Brothers
11. The Creepy Crawl- Tradition
12. Untitled E-E Saw Dub- Inner Circle / Fatman Riddim Section
13. Black Cinderella- Tapper Zukie
14. Memories Of The Ghetto- Augustus Pablo
15. Formula Dub- Keith Hudson
16. African Dub- King Tubby
17. Sealing Dub- The Skatalites & King Tubby
18. Drum Song- Jackie Mittoo
19. Untitled E-E Saw Dub- Inner Circle / Fatman Riddim Section
20. Magnetic Enforcer- Twinkle Brothers
21. Star Trek- Vulcans
22. Marching To Zion- Tappa Zukie
23. Back To Africa- Jimmy Radway
24. Marry Me- Winston Riley
25. Capo Dub- Carlton And Family Man Barrett
26. War Is Over- Dillinger
27. Lightning Dub- Revolutionaries
28. Dread Out Deh- Joy White
29. Murderer- Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke
30. Master Mantrol- Mikey Dread
31. Why Am I Treated So Bad- Prince Buster
32. Addis-A-Baba- Augustus Pablo



Holly said...

I don't smoke, but I'm DAMN HOT & am earnestly hoping that your hand-picked tunes alone will ease me past misery into acceptance.

Friggin' North Carolina. Grumble.

Thank you, Flash!:-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this utter sickness! There is much here that is new to me.

øשlqæda said...

sublime selections son :)

TallyWacker said...

Downloading this puppy and appreciate every second you spent hand picking these fine dub beats.

Anonymous said...

you linked to all the original posts. you are a god amongst mere mortals. thank you.

Flash Strap said...

Not quite all, I'm afraid. My work here was left unfinished. But definitely click through, give love to the source and reap the bounty that awaits!

And thank you for appreciating this small but important detail- most folks don't make use of those links, but they should.

Anonymous said...

Wading through this haze right now. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to rip into this!

Anonymous said...

rainy england...but harvesting autos! nice work here

nicholab said...

this shit bumps, flash!

Anonymous said...

Summer has started properly, at least for a few days here in old London town and this killer collection is helping it along nicely,thank you .Stu

Anonymous said...

Found you through Holy Warbles, and all I can say is: Where have you been all my life?

Murky Recess said...

This is the perfect time, the right time for this, good friend. Thanks for putting in the hours.

-d said...

via holy warbles. this look awesome. can't wait to dig around the rest of your site. thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

just to make it justice, will take this superb collection on holiday to sicily, where it will be 'dubtime' guaranteed.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

new here, and fascinated. can't wait to hear dubs and exotique parts of blog. i'll be back. thank you. rk

Heeeth said...

You have super taste dub-wise. Thank you for these treats mi selector!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dubinacious vibes