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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sven Libaek For Safari Addicts and Discoverers of Hidden Worlds- To Be Used Wisely This Holiday Weekend

I am fully in summertime explorer mode- a total Safari addict. And with July 4th comin' round the bend (a holiday I've always celebrated with maximum verve, especially now that I'm back in these rotten old glorious States), it's only liable to get worse. Make your own summer-time safaris absolutely pitch perfect with Sven Libaek. Flawless and gorgeous, roaring with innocence and adventure. Excellent for both desert and aquatic excursions- get your Jacques Cousteau or Walkabout fantasy going.

Most of this has been posted here (or elsewhere) in the past, but I'm throwing it up again in hopes of spreading even further the righteous word. Because I care about your summer. New additions include an improved 320 rip of Inner Space courtesy of Owl at Holy Warbles (otherwise available at his blog, offered here with a slightly tidied up tracklisting and sequencing) and a copy of the excellent Boney, courtesy of commenter CBlack.

Put this on a tape. Put the tape in a waterproofed portable cassette player. Take a small boat or aquatic car out upon the water- and the adventure shall unfold, with delight and discovery, from there. Good luck to you.

Surfing and nature documentary soundtracks, respectively. Full of discovery. Two of the consistently best, most necessary records in his ouvre- masterpieces, really.

Shark documentary soundtrack, and a giant masterpiece. Some tracks from here notably used for The Life Aquatic. This is the King of underwater music records. (It should be noted that this is not the retrospective comp of the same name- this is the original soundtrack album. Also, this is not the version with the Shatner narration, which is cool too-- you can grab it here.)


An audacious symphonic concept piece on his adopted home. Longer tracks, grander ideas- but still the same glorious composer. Sven is a god damn secret genius.


Soundtrack to an Australian television series. A little MacGyver-style action horns, but still mostly Sven's signature sound, contemplating the outback, exploring with good intentions. Hard to find, this one.


Perhaps not his most consistent record, it nonetheless contains some of his best & coolest tracks, including the superb "Misty Canyon."


Ostensibly a space-themed Library record, the mood here is just as underwater-y as his best work. Includes "Meteoric Rain," one of his all-time greatest tracks (it's the sample at the top of this post).




Tim Butler said...

Ten million thanks for these! I didn't have "My Thing" yet. You've done a great service.

Martooni said...

Yes! Thanks for your labor of love for this music. We need to hear about cool things. And if it was not for folks like you where would we?

Reza said...

fyi the link of inner space isnt the version with narration by william shatner its just the standard music only one, your soundclip is though

Flash Strap said...

Oh man you're so right. I forgot the two versions were different... you can grab the version with narration here:

Thanks Reza.

Reza said...

Actually I'll shut up , on re reading you do say its not the version with narration, sorry

Flash Strap said...

No, no, I changed the post to reflect the reality you just hipped me to. You are in the right.

Håvard said...

You're doing a wonderful thing with this blog. Thank you very much.

steve hurley said...

some astounding pieces here, thx so much

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Jake said...

fantastic stuff, man. i've been keeping my eyes out for this one a long, long time!

i just discovered your blog, and it is amazing. so many great albums for listening to music and seeing movies in my heads. thanks, and keep up the good work.

JennyD said...

Oh my gosh, I discovered you yesterday, bookmarked, and came back today to read, read, and read some more. Just when I was positive I'd reached Nirvana, I ran across the old Martin Denny Primitiva album and snatched it up in record time. I still have the vinyl of it but no "record player". Loved this old album and many, many more that you are showing. Thank you SO much for all your hard work in bringing this to us old timers that lived it and introducing the younger set to it. Marvelous work for a marvelous genre. Thank you, thank you :D

Flash Strap said...

You are all so extremely welcome, thanks for commenting.

I'll have all these Sven records reupped very soon, by the way.