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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gun Dub & The Fire of Blood: Techniques All-Stars- .357 Magnum Dub (197?), Inner Circle- Killer Dub (1978), The Twinkle Brothers- Dub Massacre (1983)

Today we're gonna do three dub jubs with gun-centric cover art. For the visual flavor of it all.

Starting with Techniques All-Stars' .357 Magnum Dub: this is straight-up-and-down street tuff roots instrumentals. Pretty simple formula, but highly successful. Despite the handle, there's not a ton of crazy "techniques" going on here- "Fashion Dub" does get sort of boopy and squiggly, "Techniques Special" has some cool harmonica, and "Weary Dub" pairs laser blasters with soul saxophone, but on the whole it's a straightforward affair with above-average, solid-and-cool execution. Check it out. VBR rip.


This one from Inner Circle (with the Fatman Riddim Section for the band) is another tuff mother. Of course it's tuff-- look at the fuckin' cover. Opening with a pissed-off sounding rip on guitar, the whole thing stomps around with heavy heavy rhythms, fat echo, and a really bad-ass piano/organ sound.

I guess I wouldn't describe this record as being on the same level of painkiller as a gunshot to the face, but it's certainly bad as hell and a more than worthy addition to your dub library. (Sorry I couldn't pop up another soundcloud sample, please just trust me as you usually might.) 192 rip.


You wanna talk tuff, plus "special techniques"? Time to get down to Twinkle Town. The Twinkle Brothers' (which by this point was just Norman Grant of the original Twinkle Bros, gone solo in the UK) Dub Massacre is a potent mix of punky gangsta, heavy hardness and non-stop, bonkers effects. It's definitely got an international assassin flavor, classy and sneaky, but there's also theremin, warm phases, and huge echo, making this one almost too trippy to cruise to. Almost: so get to cruisin' inna murder style, fellows. 192.



Anonymous said...

A fantastic selection of posts, thank you. Keep the niceness coming please.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these! What fine dub jubs!

Holly said...

Twinkle Brothers - wow!!!!! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Like Holly said -- Twinkle Brothers: SHEE-IT! Or should I say SHOOT!

Flash Strap said...

Ha ha, I just got that. Thanks, Mr. Davis

Anonymous said...

So grateful for these posts! Thank you, much respect! said...

bigUP flashstrap! 357 magnum dub crucial crucial. do you know where to find carl campbell other dub album 'Zion Dub'? REspekt