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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tired Fe Lick Weed: Inner Circle/Fatman Riddim Section/King Tubby/ Jacob Miller- E-E Saw Dub (1975)

This is, if you ask me, one of the more insane dub secrets in existence. Information is scarce and somewhat conflicting-- my version lists the artist as Inner Circle & Fatman Riddim Section, but Roots Archive has it under King Tubby and Jacob Miller (commenter "M-" below has confirmed that it is actually a Tubby dub of Jacob Miller's LP Tenement Yard).

We've got King Tubby mixing, the Ian Lewis/Roger Lewis Inner Circle/Fatman Riddim production, Augustus Pablo sitting in on xylophone, and somebody-- some hero-- named Touter Harvey absolutely slaying the whole scene on synths and keyboards. The overall sound is good, from production elements to the playing, but Touter's sound is the key here. This kind of thing might slip under the radar on a UK dub record, fitting in amongst the dense tripscapes found on a Creation Rebel or Blackbeard album; but here, amongst the relatively more spare Tubby sound, in the humid island simplicity of a classic Jamaican roots dub, Touter's thinly funky--almost wacky-- synths blast through like a frequency borrowed from Dimension X. It's a simple expression of trippiness, but a potent and unique one. One of my favorites.

E -- E S A W (320)


Tosh said...

This is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Such an good find, much thanks !!
New to Flash Strap, great posts- I will certainly be back through.

M— said...

Top dub record. It's a King Tubby dub version of Jacob Miller's album Tenement Yard. And luckily, it was reissued on CD in 2006 as King Tubby meets Jacob Miller in a Tenement Yard, complete with track titles and personnel credits.

Thorsten S—

Flash Strap said...

Thanks for the elucidation, friend.