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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monkey Drop, Good Gracious!: Scotty- Draw Your Brakes (1971)

For those of you out there listening to the The Harder They Come soundtrack, thinking to yourself, who the ding dong is this Scotty? And where can I get more of this charming fellow, babblin' as he does o'er top these old-school rocksteady beats, I have something for you. It is this.

Some kind of "Best of" comp from 1971, as far as I can tell. Seems the delightful Scotty dropped a lot of singles in his day but not much in the way of long-players at this point, so this serves as a sort of debut LP. In fact, it seems it was also released under the name "School Days" and presented more as an LP, with a slightly different tracklist-- but I confess I'm not too keenly interested in the chronology of all this. What's important is that this is early-ass, delightful reggae, Scotty's singjay proto-toasts warm and unintelligible-- somewhere between righteousness and baby talk-- and everything is just as pleasing and cool as can be. As a very young man I remember listening to my father's The Harder They Come album on vinyl, staring into the impossibly tuff cover, and boggling at the singular weirdness of "Draw Your Brakes," a song unlike any I had ever heard before. Scotty may not have another song quite as devastatingly tite as "Draw Your Brakes" on Draw Your Brakes, but the rest of the tracks deliver about as much as you might hope.


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Anonymous said...

I love Scotty! He tells the DJ what to play.

"Clean Race" and "Sesame Street" are additionally tite tracks, complete with adorable renditions of the alphabet and nursery rhymes.

Hickory Dickory Clock,