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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mandarin Tornado: "Chinese Surf"- Non Stop Dancing (19??)

My friend Morgan gave this to me a few months ago and I've been meaning to post it ever since. Positively delightful Chinese surf-pop instrumentals. This is really just lethally pleasant. Not much info seems to exist on this, however, so all I can say is get it y'all.


Upon performing a perfunctory googling of this record, I seem to find that it likely originated at FM Shades, a blog with a lot to offer in its archives despite having slowed to a crawl of late. Mr. Shades aptly compares the sound of this record to Joe Meek, an observation which may titillate you Meek heads out there and persuade you to try this album on for size. Anyway, whether you obtain it from here or there, you should really give this one a "spin."


gilhodges said...

"Lethally pleasant" is the choicest thing I've read all week. Deeply apt!

Timmy said...

Uh, Ahhhh-So. Srank you velly musch. uh, bonzai!

FM SHADES said...

glad you guy's dig the album over here. bought this at a chinese flea market in some town on the west coast of canada. Real Gem... best, FM

Caio Pamplona said...

Hi..Please post it again!
Aloha from Brazil!

Fat Bastardo said...

This is from the very deep south... Equador.

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