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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sophisticated Daydream of Exotica: All-Star Orchestra- A Far East Fantasy in Latin Dance Rhythm (1959)

What an excellent example of Exotica culture-collage. Asian songs played in a Latin-jazz style by what might be a Hawaiian band. Sublime. Each influence, from its popular American jazz skeleton to the "Latin" arrangements, up to the mishmash of Hawaiian popular music reflecting and refracting through popular Asian music (which has influenced and been influenced by both Hawaiian and American popular music in general and Exotica in particular), can be heard... This is a surprisingly unique record in the Exotica canon, and one about which I can find very little information. A bit of a masterpiece. Highest possible recommendation for Exotica lovers.



Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the label?
Thank you, wonderful record, great blog!

teeki man said...


any chance of a re-up?

Flash Strap said...

my pleasure, teeki man. re-upped.

teeki man said...

May your tiki hut always be dry and your tiki torches lit. Mahalo74gramdan