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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Art Music: Archie Shepp- Black Gipsy (1969)

Here's another magnificent and fierce session of powerful Black Art Music from the inimitable and awesome Archie Shepp. Featuring Leroy Jenkins on viola, Chicago Beauchamp on street poetry-- if you will-- Sunny Murray on drums, Dave Burrell on piano, Mr. Shepp on (mostly) soprano sax, and somebody on harmonica. This is as loose and wild, as clever and meaningful, as one might expect from Shepp in his prime. Go to that place with him.


I'm going to start posting some more Archie Shepp in the coming days, let me know if that please you, and what you might like to see. Thanks to everyone who's been active in the comments in the last few weeks, by the way. It warms a heart to know you care.


Ryan said...

I'm a *huge* Shepp fan... would love to see any of the especially rare stuff (dates that don't exist on CD or were only released outside of the US). (1970's Doodlin') or Horo releases like "Mariamar", "Body and Soul" or "In the Tradition." Some live dates, maybe?

Been loving your site for quite a while now, though I rarely comment... thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am an Archie Shepp fan having heard my first Shepp [Live In Donaueschingen] in 1978, the same week I first heard The Sex Pistols's 'Never Mind The Bollocks'. Both albums grabbed me the same way; I had never heard anything like them and they are still two of my favourite recordings. I would also like to see 'Doodlin' and the Horo releases as well as 'Bijou', 'A Touch Of The Blues', and the 'Live At The Totem' set. I've also been searching for months for his 'Attica Blues Big Band'. Many thanks for your great site!


Reza said...

Great album all round, Ryan "Mariamar" has been reissued in all its glory mate

sitarswami said...

I'd love to see Shepp's "The Tradition" posted. Thanks.

naftarsun said... loving the Archie Shepp records, thanks so much for turning me on to his music...