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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Driving Music for the Apocalypse: Tony Carey- Yellow Power (1982)

Sorry it's been such a long while, I had to journey away from my Mexican refuge to attend a wedding in the states. Happy Married Life to you, J&L. The day and night of your union was a top good time of my life.

Tony Carey has made some of my favorite synth-instrumental records, and this one is likely his most appealing and enduring. After leaving the band Rainbow (which I can find virtually nothing about), Mr. Carey seems to have said hell-with-it-all and devil-may-care, and just started pumping out solo instrumental projects. In 1982 alone he put out five records in his name, and this is the first. Yellow Power.

Definitely a tad chintzy, with a feel not unlike that of a b-grade sci-fi/action flick from 1982, it embraces the fun and sugary pleasures of such "low" sounds and gets back in your face with some entirely-too-delightful, cinematically tuff, playful electro-pop. It's a winner, indeed. Check the faux-operatic vocals on tracks such as the stellar "Queen of Scots," and relish them. Pop it into the tape deck of a car with a bad stereo, and drive through an abandoned industrial complex.



Anonymous said...

J&L, fella! J&L!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, old bro. This shit is perfect for my apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

just found your cosmic blog, keep up the good work and post up some more Tony Carey if you have the time.

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