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Monday, October 25, 2010

Breathless Journey Into A World of Exotica: Frank Hunter- White Goddess (1959), Stanley Wilson- Pagan Love (1961)

White Goddess has become a coveted item and a cult desirable among aficionados, and for good reason. Beyond its excessive rarity, it also boasts a rare excellence. It's one of the best you could ever hope to get. It is so insane and deep-magical, with a really amazing and unique pallette of sounds. Quote from Space-Age Pop: "it incorporates space age pop's favorite odd couple, the Ondioline and wordless vocals, as well as other space age pop regulars like chromatic bongos, Chinese bells, and the buzzimba. It's something of a cross-over between jungle exotica and space music and right up there with the very best in both categories."

This is a true masterpiece.


Pagan Love is slightly more cartoonish than (and really, nowhere near as good as) White Goddess-- a bit more Hollywood-sounding, perhaps-- with a very dramatic string section and more of an adventurous, slightly comic soundtrack quality. It has a great thematic hook, however: each song describes a mating ritual in a different part of the world.
Check it out:

Enlarge this image of the back cover and read the text. I love this kind of writing, with all its purple prose and dubious information on rituals of fetishized "exotic" cultures-- told in the confident voice of the ever-reasonable, paternally curious White Man. It's pretty decent stuff, and the vocal arrangements are occasionally rather exciting. Also, I'm just a sucker for records that promise to take me on a journey, especially if it's to a sampling of different geographic locations.

Add these to your Exotica library, my friends.



Muff Diver said...

I'm happy to have found Pagan Love @ 320 here on your most excellent blog.

I was initially disappointed at being unable to get a copy of the back cover. After tinkering with the URL, I was able to find a resolution. I thought you might like the link to share with your readers:

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Flash Strap said...

Thanks, Muff Diver!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for white goddess!!