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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sophisticated Sleep-Dream of Exotica: Henry Mancini- The Versatile Henry Mancini (1957)

Positively wonderful Exotica for Eveningtime. Sleepy, lush, and well-played (specific mention ought be made of guitarist Laurindo Almeida and whoever is doing vocals). This is about as white as exotica gets, but it's nonetheless great. It's one of those records that has one foot in popular instrumentals/space-age pop and one foot in Exotica Proper, but it's really a treasure of its kind, and doesn't feel watered-down at all. It's not gonna be as freaky as Denny or Baxter, but it's still awesome... hell, man, Mancini is pretty awesome. You know this: "Peter Gunn", "Charade" "Hatari"-- Mancini is a brilliant fixture. This is his first record.



Anonymous said...

Better than I expected, and as good as the cover art. Thanks for this nice piece of easy peach vacation music.

Anonymous said...

BEST Mancini cover ever, and a good record. Thanks

Alain said...

This is one of my very favorite exotica albums, and I have lots and lots of them. Unlike the cover, the music is 0% kitsch. Evokes sleeping on a moonlit subtropical beach. Mancini and Almeida at their best. Has been released on CD recently but with a different, non-kitschcover

Flash Strap said...

To me, it is a beautiful cover, but I don't believe in kitsch. It is beyond me to declare a work of art "non-art."

Glad to know you love he record though. It's a real winner.

Javiikiller said...

Thanks a lot!
Can't wait to listen it!

Vinyl Record LP said...

I am sorry to say the link is dead :o(