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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, Those Beautiful Brothers!: Moreno e Moreninho- Capelinha de Santos Reis (1950s)

Oh, boy. What a great cover. Two brothers, dressed like the fanciest fellows in Brazil... gazing off into space with utter and total contentment, hands ever so slightly touching... standing in a lovely swamp, near some cypress knees.

This is Moreno e Moreninho's Capelinha de Santos Reis. I don't really know anything about this record or these beautiful men, but this is some really great music. Some kind of Brazilian old-time folk music with ragged edges and raga harmonies. No picture of paradise painted here, and no smooth Portuguese-language suavity-- just the sound of a very rootsy carnival with a high lonesome wail and a really echoey sound system. Amazing.

Moreno e Moreninho 192

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