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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost in the Flood, Lost in the Fire: Lula Côrtes e Ze Ramalho- Paêbirú (1975)

This gem of Brazilian psychedelia is, or was, extremely rare-- supposedly because most of the original pressings were lost in a flood (according to wiki, others) or a fire (allmusic). But this cult item of intrigue needs no myth to validate it. It's just excellent.

A double album with each side addressing a different element, it jumps from free-folky jams, to achingly pastoral instrumentals, to ethereal psych-jazz, to almost krautrock in the vein of Can's ethnological forgeries... from improvisation to composition. In a way, it resembles the patchwork of Pink Floyd's studio section from Ummagumma, but, you know, way more beautiful. Maybe that's a useless comparison.

Anyway, this is an amazing record. It's just beautiful, surprisingly weird, undeniably savvy, both experimental and traditional.

Paêbirú 320


Anonymous said...

everyone should hear this!

dale flannels said...

seconded. this is music for everyone to love! the whole fambly!

Anonymous said...

as Richard M Nixon would've said to Benito Mussolini outside that gas station, if he'd had the chance and the dialect:

hey, man, I dig what you do.