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Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Live Through This Night, Let's Just Kiss and Fight: Shankar Jaikishan- Bombay Talkie (1970)

Here's another great Indian film soundtrack, this one by the great Shankar Jaikishan. The title theme of the film is phenomenal, and there are several variations of it on the record (one of which was on soundtrack to The Darjeeling Limited). The first, which has disarmingly charming "doo-doo" wordless vocals, is perfect. The last puts words to the melody-- which, by the end, you've already heard so many times-- and they are simple, beautiful, hopeful (and English, which is nice for me as an English speaker).

Another great song (also used in The Darjeeling Limited) is the sublimely goofy "Typewriter, Tip Tip Tip," a wonderful tune that is apparently performed in the film while dancing on a giant typewriter. Or so I've heard.

The rest of the album is gorgeous incidental music. It's really good. I got this from Parties Sarees and Melodies, a great blog of Indian film music. Click the link to see that article on this record, as it's much more informed than mine.



Anonymous said...

even better than the last!
it does play the same song like five times, but its such a simple song and each version is so different.

this is a really good soundtrack record


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice blog I just got into indian film music. I can't stop listening to this record. Thanks man.

Just wanted to mention, but I think parties sarees and melodies is a female blogger not a man.

Flash Strap said...

hmmm... duly noted. It shall be fixed!