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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Got the Fever in My Pocket: The Velvet Underground- Live at The Gymnasium (1967)

Here is a live recording of the Velvet Underground in 1967. There are very few live recordings of the Velvets during this period, and hello! what the fuck! here is this. Not only does it feature an otherwise-unrecorded song ("I'm Not A Young Man Anymore") it also boasts a very early version-- the "debut," supposedly-- of "Sister Ray," played with great intensity, showcasing those jabby dagger guitars alongside a clumsy and awesome first draft of the lyrical delivery. Not as long as the later renditions would grow to be, and not as fast or loud as the album version, this recording is most remarkable for the youth of the band and the unguarded live performance. Or, perhaps its strength lies in the sheer number of times Reed enthuses about the sucking on of ding dongs, with palpable delight.

The highlight, for me-- even more than "Sister Ray"-- is the really street hard performance of "Run Run Run," an awesome but often somewhat-overlooked track which is here allowed room for some smack nasty guitar interplay. Also on Gymnasium is a good version of "Waiting For the Man," and a clear, rocking "I Guess I'm Falling in Love," a fairly uncommon track with very few good vocal recordings (the most widely heard being the instrumental from Another View). The sound quality throughout is a bit faded and murky around the edges, but overall remarkably clear (especially around the vocals), making it a true treasure, a real gold god damn nugget.

A Workout at the Gymnasium


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