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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don Cherry: Om Shanti Shanti Om

Here is an excellent video of Don Cherry performing for television in 1976. I don't know anything else about the circumstances here, but the performance and music is electrifying. Don Cherry is one of my very favorites, and this is prime 1970s Cherry: international players and multi-ethnic traditions, spiritual pocket trumpet solos, and lots of vocals. At the end it segues into a bit of music from his album, Brown Rice, but the rest of it isn't on any album I've heard. Does anyone know if this track is on record anywhere?

Generous reader Joandleefe has left a link to the Don Cherry album Actions in the comments. Check it out. Fans of Eternal Rhythm will note a similarity in the scale Cherry is playing around with, and fans of European vocal jazz will enjoy the singing throughout. It's really cool, classic Cherry stuff.

Here's a newer link: ACTIONS (160)


joandleefe said...

Check out Cherry and Penderecki's "Actions". At about the 9:30 mark of the first track, "Humus".

Here's the link:

Flashstrap said...

Nice. Thanks... the vocal repetition reminds me of the main motif on Eternal Rhythm. This seems like a great album, also. Thanks again.

d said...

I am obsessed with this video too, I love every moment of it. I have the same question about it and would like to know, please, if you got to know anything else about it. The main music theme comes I think from "Tantra", the opening song in "Relativity Suite", you can check it out here:
The rest, especially the vocal delivery, is unknown to me and is beautiful beyond belief. Sounds like it could be some spiritual chant.

Thanks for the post,

DrEyescope said...

Hi- I recognize this main theme (the sung chant "om shanti shanti om") as "Solidarity" and it appears on record in a beautiful duet with Ed Blackwell on "El Corazon" released by ECM in about 1980.
I highly recommend this intimate album.
Also (in case the above link gets iced by mediafire) I posted a 320 vinyl rip of "Actions" back in Dec 2011 or so at A Closet Of Curiosities. Thanks for the link to ACOC in the "blogs I like" column here!
Good luck and best wishes.