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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deep Cry of a Baritone Brazil: Nelson Ferraz- Lamento Negro (1956)

Here is another Brazilian record from Loronix, and what a doozy it is... a collection of slightly theatrical tunes sung in a chocolatey-rich baritone, like a roof mournfully tarred in black molasses. Although a bit unwieldy at times, the title track and a stunning piece called "Navio Negreiro" make it worth a listen. The arrangements by Maestro Radames Gnattali are great, and the supporting vocals are cunningly organized. There's not a lot I can say, because there's not a lot I know, but with a cover like that, how much yakkin' do you need?

Try it out or don't. Mr. Ferraz is beyond caring.



cvllos said...

This is a promising!
Besides the singer, Radames on arragements and probably commanding the group is a guarantee of excelent music.
Thanks from Brasil; I didn't pay atention to it while on Loronix; shame on me!

Querco said...

Please, fix this link!! In my country, Brasil, this music is disregarded.