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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unparalleled Moments of Beauty: Les Paul and Mary Ford- Brazil (1948)

Husband and wife Les Paul and Mary Ford were an unstoppable hit-making machine in the early fifties, racking up a whopping sixteen top-10 hits between 1950 and 1954, and selling six million records in '51 alone. Strangely, while there's no shortage of legacy when it comes to Mr. Paul and all his various works and guitar innovations, this wildly successful romantic duo is rarely mentioned today. Perhaps their most lovely record, Brazil, hasn't even been released on CD, left to linger so lovely in the shadows of history, waiting to be rediscovered as the gorgeous gem it is.

It's so damn beautiful. While it opens with a zippy bit from Paul that showcases the nutty quicksilver picking of his own innovation, it quickly settles into soft, romantic torch songs with lovely, smokey vocals from Mrs. Ford and a classic exotica feel. These songs are what this LP are all about. "Just One More Chance," specifically, is a thing of unparallelled beauty. One of the best songs I've ever heard.

The only problem is, the whole thing is a bit slight. At only 22 minutes, it almost seems designed to leave you with a keen sense of longing. Still , this is a hell of a great little record.

Brazil (320)


Anonymous said...

only halfway through the second track, but already ready to comment: just for me, eh? doubtless. with seven delicious tracks ahead, as yet unheard, i'm getting jealous of myself.

also readying myself for odetta, digging deep into my reservoir of southern studies know-it-all-isms. here's hoping i can hold my own.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love this one too.


JennyD said...

Well.....I'm 2 years late, but just this moment found this great old album. Oooooo, who couldn't adore Les Paul and Mary Ford. Always fabulous; and I thank you flash strap for this gem :D

Doc Bronze said...

Well, after all these years, I still comb the archives here for inspiration and what a find. Thanks Flash old bean, you've done it again. In the past.