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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank You, Growing Bin: Gert Thrue- Sound Painted Pictures of Cosmic Love

Oh Ding Dang Dammit: I got this from The Growing Bin which is a very nice blog indeed, and this record is the New Obsession. Just a baffling procession of modal organ improvisation and drums just completely all-a-drummin', it creates the most positive psychedelic atmosphere imaginable. God, it's just so tangibly good... go to this place and retrieve it from the link they have there, then prepare to be pleased. I predict you will be pleased. Oh my son, my son, you will, you will be pleased.

*Clearly I was very excited about this at the time, sadly to the point of cartoonish unintelligibility. Perhaps rightly so. Still one of my favorite straight-ahead psych records. It will bring you back from a bad trip, if you need it to-- this is righteous cosmic music, and it sets a space explorer straight.


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