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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Have You Been to Baia, Donald?: Nelly Martins & Tito Madi- Encontro no Sabado (1959)

Nelly Martins' and Tito Madi's Encontro no Sabado contains, simply, some of the most pleasant and beautiful music you could hope to hear.Many of the songs seem to be a dialogue between a man and a woman, sung in Portuguese, and all are supported by immaculate arrangements of string-based fantasy swoons. It basically sounds exactly like it would feel to fall hopelessly in love in the reality of an old and extremely romantic movie musical.

Did you see Disney's Pecos Bill short, where Pecos sees Sweet Sue riding a giant catfish and falls in love so hard that he jumps into the blue of her eyes and swims around playing a harp? Imagine a Brazilian version of that, and you are imagining something like this throbbing, swooning, whirlwind romance of a record. Or just gaze into the gorgeous cover, which gives you a pretty good idea of how lush and precious this is. It's really beautiful. Total masterpiece of sweet romance.

I got this at Loronix, a wonderful blog of Brazilian music... a lot of the links are dying there, but you should check it out.


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