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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glorious Daughter of the South: Just Julia

A collection of recordings by Just Julia, a daughter of the New South and Cult Songstress. Just Julia records on her lo-fi lonesome, using primarily ukulele, keyboards and overdubbed vocals. This rare collection of songs has never until now been released as a single collection and exhibits her rare pop literacy with charming and powerful covers of songs by Harry Nilsson, various girl groups, Donovan, the Flamingoes, and the Everly Brothers. Dispersed among these clever homages are a smattering of originals which seem to truly sit head and shoulders: the original compositions "Old 86," "Crime Report," "Virginia," "French King Bridge," and "Sugar Hollow" smuggle and snuggle right the fuck in with the sonnets of the master bards and make themselves at home like crafty country raccoons.

Listen, if you like it when a girl sings a song, if you like the ukulele, if you like Harry Nilsson and might like to hear him respected musically, if you like to hear a song of a world that is decent and nice like a watermelon picnic: get this compilation. Don't be a Yankee, get the songs, the songs!


dale flannels said...

i like nilsson, that's the only reason I gave this a shot. figured it would just be a girl singing, yknow? But it's really great, i don't know why, it's just great! Those original songs are excellent, too. More justjulia?

Anonymous said...

dale, old boy... you convinced me. It was a good write up but I needed a third and impartial party to sway me. I picked it up and it's delightful! If I was not a lady I would say Just Julia be my girlfreind!

dee es said...

I've been listening to this all morning and loving it lots. Thanks for pointing back to it from the more recent Left Banke post, and thanks for the Left Banke post, too, of course.

vilstef said...

I read the first paragraph of your review,downloaded,started listening and was struck with how much Just Julia's musical sensibility is in tune with Harry Nilsson! I'm utterly charmed by this collection. The collection is an out-of-left-field delight!