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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everybody!: Admiral Dele Abiodun- It's Time For Juju Music

Here is a highlife party record that just refuses to stop being the best party in space... like the best of this kind of African jamming, what seems rote at its start begins to imperceptibly turn itself inward, becoming a trippy, vaguely cerebral, dance dance dance party that doesn't just creep up your booty and start your bones to shakin' but also funks up your mind, putting you so deep into it man...

This rip is comprised of two tracks which is not exactly the original intent of the album but each side of the record is so obviously one long interrupted track that this is really the only way to do it. Side A is the best for me, keeping the vocals to a minimum and exploring the outer limits of what instrumentation you might want to throw at this kind of funk, at times attaining almost a kind of minimalism and sporting all the keyboard-handclaps you could ask for... then the singers jump in, remind you that it's indeed time for juju music, to shake your body and hold your baby, then they're gone and it's back to outer space we go...

This record is a little cute and maybe a touch naive (and more than a little indebted to King Sunny Ade), but it keeps me absolutely riveted every time.

Get it y'all, and don't forget to hold your baby

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